Not everyone is ready or willing for the financial obligation of a bespoke suit. Moreover, I am only one little tailor, capable of making only about fifteen suits a year. For these reasons, among others, I offer Made-to-Measure (MtM) services as well as Bespoke.

Things you should know:

  • The factory I work with has a strong reputation for treating its workers well. It even closes down entirely for two weeks around Chinese New Year so everybody can take a proper paid vacation. This is everything to me!

  • The MtM suits I order are always full canvas construction. I do not allow my customers’ suits to be made of inferior materials, or with inferior workmanship or shortcuts. This caliber of suit usually sells off the rack for upwards of $2,800.

  • MtM suits are a great option for those seeking the kind of customization not available when choosing a suit off the rack. They are very popular among customers who have a hard time finding nicely fitted clothes due height, girth, or proportion of body.

  • Your MtM suit will be sent to me before it is finished. I will have an opportunity to make final adjustments before I sew the finishing details (buttonholes, etc.) by hand myself.

  • The entire MtM process takes 6-8 weeks, and prices begin at $1,450.