Feeding the Northwest

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I haven't got much to say just now. I'm spending a bit too much time sewing to be able to write. But I do want to mention this:

Being that my business is now a year old, and is doing well and looking to be doing better and better in the coming months, I have decided that it is time for me to begin the harvest.

Starting in the month of July, 10% of all gross income is going to go towards feeding the hungry in our area through Food Lifeline. This amount will be made in the form of a one-time donation at the end of the year.  I look forward to supporting this non-profit, and suggest that you look into doing so as well - they are very cool.

When I was young, my family did not have the kind of money that could regularly put food on the table. We were so very often blessed by what I knew as "the food angel." Take a moment to look into their programs that support food banks, families, schools and children. The family you feed may be raising my future apprentice, after all...

Thank you for visiting my site - I hope to share a lot of my passion through this blog in the future!

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Posted on June 27, 2014 .