True bespoke transcends art. Bespoke is a relationship.

The term originates in the Old English word "bisprecan" which translates most directly to "discussing." Bespoke is about a conversation between a master craftsman and a customer; between a discerning eye and a completely unique body; between a pair of human hands and the thousands of individual stitches that will go into a suit; between the suit itself and the man who wears it.

The notion that a customer (or “tailor”) can e-mail measurements to a factory somewhere and have a true bespoke suit made is becoming very popular. Many suit manufacturers now offer Made-to-Measure services, incorrectly tagging them as “Bespoke.” What’s more, many tailors are now outsourcing their “bespoke” work, even if they have the skill set to complete the work themselves. As a result, many tailors avoid talking about where their “bespoke” suits are made.

When you work with me to make a bespoke suit, you can rest assured that every cut and every stitch, from the first to the last, will happen only within my shop.

My belief in what I do goes beyond the notion that I can make money at it. I am here because I have chosen to devote my life to perfecting an intimate form of art. When I lead you to understand that I am making a bespoke suit, it is because I - in the intimacy of my workshop - am seeing to every stitch in that garment personally.

For more information on having a bespoke suit crafted, in-house by me, simply open the topic for conversation.