What is made-to-measure? What is bespoke?

Having an excellent suit made-to-measure is, in a sense, an art form. Measurements are taken by a tailor (or oftentimes a salesperson who may know a few things about tailoring), and are then sent to a factory, which makes a suit for the client. In some cases, the suit will be finished in the factory; in other cases, the suit is sent unfinished (usually mostly-finished) back to the tailor or salesperson who sometimes even takes care of the finishing touches and alterations himself. In this case, although the suit may be superior quality, it was not actually made (and sometimes never even touched) by the tailor who measured the customer.

As I wish to offer suits in a variety of price ranges, I am happy to help with a made-to-measure suit of most excellent quality and price. You will receive a wonderful piece of workmanship with the understanding that it was not made by me, and with full disclosure of what work will actually be done by me in terms of finishing and alterations. I offer these disclosures in order to set myself apart from many tailors who are more than willing to leave everything up to the imagination, in order to charge elevated prices for the work they have done as, essentially, a salesman.

If you are interested in having a suit made-to-measure, please contact me for more information.

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True bespoke transcends art. Bespoke is a relationship.

The term originates in the Old English word "bisprecan" which translates most directly to "discussing." Bespoke is about a conversation between a master craftsman and a customer; between a discerning eye and a completely unique body; between a pair of human hands and the thousands of individual stitches that will go into a suit; between the suit itself and the man who wears it. In other words, it can not be carried out absentee.

The notion that a man can e-mail measurements to a factory and have a 'bespoke' suit made is becoming very popular, and not only among consumers. All across the country, there is an epidemic of outsourcing in 'the art of bespoke,' and tailors are choosing overwhelmingly to allow others to do their work for them. It's kind of like hiring another man to take your wife out on a date for you.

My belief in what I do goes beyond the notion that I can make money at it. I am here because I have chosen to devote my life to perfecting an intimate form of art. When I lead you to understand that I am making a bespoke suit, it is because I - in the intimacy of my workshop - am seeing to every stitch in that garment personally.

For more information on having a bespoke suit crafted in-house by me, simply open the topic for conversation.