I currently offer limited services in alterations. My clients are taken on a case-by-case basis, though I am always available to help clients with alterations on garments that I have made for them.

Altering is an entirely different skill from bespoke tailoring or dressmaking, and should never be viewed as the same discipline. They are as similar as blacksmithing and carpentry - while both involve use of a hammer, there is not much else in common.

For information regarding prices, please feel free to contact me, but understand that a full quote can not be given until I see the garment on your body.

My typical turnaround on alterations is 14-21 days, or possibly more depending on the magnitude of the job. Expedited service is often available upon request. As a rule, it is best to leave as much time as you are able, but I am willing to work within any realistic time frame.

House calls or pickup/delivery services are also available on request, (usually for an additional fee).